A Closer Look at Solar Energy in Arizona

First Solar CEO Highlights Need for Cost Fairness in Solar

James A. Hughes, CEO of Tempe-based First Solar Inc., wrote a piece for the Arizona Republic describing the solar energy situation in Arizona and its future regarding net-metering fairness.

He wrote: “The Arizona Corporation Commission and APS are right to seek the highest volume of solar power at the lowest cost to rate-paying customers. Customers should also continue to have the right to connect their rooftop installations to the grid. But the rules governing solar installations — no matter what the size — need to be fair to everyone.”

The op-ed, titled “Utilities right to seek most bang for their solar buck,” appeared in the June 3 Republic and can be found online at http://www.azcentral.com/opinions/articles/20130531solar-power-guidelines-should-fair-all.html.


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