A Closer Look at Solar Energy in Arizona

Arizona Republic Writers Look at Net Metering Debate

Two Arizona Republic writers who have been following the discussion about preserving the future of solar in Arizona offer their take:

“Commission Must Adjust Solar Subsidy”
Robert Robb – Arizona Republic – April 25, 2013

“APS, Solar Executives Trade Jabs”
Ryan Randazzo – Arizona Republic – April 26, 2013


Changes Afoot in Arizona’s Solar Market

A recent post from ClearSky Advisors highlights the Arizona Corporation Commission’s February 2013 changes to our state’s renewable energy incentive programs:

While the Commission’s decision has introduced a significant degree of uncertainty into the Arizona market, ClearSky Advisors does not anticipate a hard landing for the state’s solar industry as a whole. Instead, ClearSky Advisors expects a gradual levelling off of solar installations between 2013 and 2015 as the market adjusts to the new regulatory environment.

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