A Closer Look at Solar Energy in Arizona



 The basics of net metering

Net metering: the fairness issue


Quick Reference Guide to Solar Energy and Net MeteringQuick Reference Guide to Solar Energy and Net Metering

(PDF – 4 pages)

This quick guide includes a basic overview of net metering and explores how the rooftop solar subsidy affects non-solar customers.

  APS Grid Must Be Ready

 APS “Grid” Must Be Ready to Transmit Electricity

(PDF – 1 page)

APS customers who install rooftop solar still must be connected to the grid.


Navigant StudyNet Metering Bill Impacts and Distributed Energy Subsidies

Prepared for Arizona Public Service
by Navigant Consulting, Inc. (Phoenix)
December 2012

SAIC Report Cover Image

2013 Updated Solar PV Value Report

Prepared for Arizona Public Service
by SAIC Energy, Environment & Infrastructure, LLC
May 2013


Don BrandtMake solar-power subsidies beneficial for all customers

Don Brandt, Chairman and CEO
Arizona Public Service

Arizona Republic
April 13, 2013 

Fact Sheets

paloma_thumbAPS: A leader in solar energy
APS has provided technical leadership and invested billions of dollars to help the development of solar energy in Arizona.


Arizona: A solar success story
More and more Arizona residents are adding solar to their homes and businesses, even as direct cash incentives decline.


Net metering
What is it? How does it work?


Rooftop solar at night
APS must continue to be able to meet the full demand of its customers even when the sun is not shining.


The cost of subsidies
Under current net metering policy, owners of rooftop solar systems receive substantial subsidies in addition to direct cash incentives.